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Temporary Hire

Our Temporary and Contract staffing services, which started as a means of filling places for workforce absentism in organization, has turned out to be a phenomenon in the changing world of work.

We at Al Sartaj Management Services understand the intricacies of your business and ease you from the burden of arranging extra personnel or compromise on your work force just because it is exceeding your head count. Al Sartaj Management Services promises to be a companion and a friend in need. We surpass your expectations and come out as winner in such times of trial by scouting the most competitive and flexible work force for you on temporary or contractual basis.

Our temporary and contract staffing service are prompt and promise you quality and commitment throughout the agreed time, whether it's 2 months to 2 years. Al Sartaj Management Services gives the opportunity for clients to focus on what they are best at, running their business.

We ensure that the employees recruited by us are competent and skilled to handle the job so that our clients can achieve continuity of operations. Al Sartaj Management Services caters to your needs of flexibility of employment and gives you the ease of recruitment and replacement.

Brantford's temporary and contract staffing solutions also the bring a bonus of short term and long term cost advantages with them that comes from the reduction of labor cost as you can employ staff according to your work convenience.

Al Sartaj Management Services can prove to be a blessing in disguise if you are worried about the excessive head count in your organization. Our temporary and contract staffing solutions offer to disguise your excessive or temporary work force on our pay roll that helps to run your HR operations without any extra burden.