Our Current Projects

Qatar Olympic Committee

Mosanada UGL, is pleased to announce it has secured a 3 year contract with the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) to deliver FM Services to eleven of the major sporting facilities located throughout Qatar, ranging from eight of its Grade A football stadiums through to its national Tennis, Shooting and Equestrian Centres. The total contract value is worth 109.2M Qatari Riyals (USD $30M). As part of the contract Mosanada UGL will be providing services such as building control, maintenance and sustainability services to ensure that sport and recreational activities can be enjoyed in superior facilities not only by people living in Qatar but by visiting international athletes as well

Aspire Zone Project

Mosanada UGL, a newly established joint venture Facilities Management business between UGL, Aspire Katara Investments (AKI) and the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) in the State of Qatar, is pleased to announce it has secured a 5 year contract to deliver FM Services to the Aspire Zone, located in Doha, Qatar. The total contract is worth QAR 230.7 million (USD$ 63.4M). Aspire Zone rose to international prominence through the successful staging of the 2006 Asian Games. The site boasts some of the world's finest sport stadia and venues offering a unique sport, sports medicine, research and education destination for the international sports industry. In addition, there is also the internationally renowned ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence, offering a comprehensive sports education program and unprecedented facilities of international calibre to promising young athletes. The site also has its own Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Hospital, which is classified as a FIFA Accredited Medical Centre of Excellence.

Saudi Aramco Projects

Khurais Increment

The giant Khurais Crude Oil Increment is the largest of our projects intended to boost the production capacity of Saudi Arabia's oil. Using the most advanced intelligent field applications, the Khurais facilities are designed to produce 1.2 million bpd of Arabian Light crude oil across three oil fields: Khurais, Abu Jifan and Mazalij. In addition to high-quality Arabian Light crude oil, Khurais can produce approximately 450 million standard cubic feet per day (scfd) of associated gas and 80,000 bpd of produced NGL condensate.

Karan Field

Construction is nearing 90 percent completion on the Karan field, Saudi Arabia's first nonassociated gas field in the Arabian Gulf, 160 kilometers north of the our Dhahran headquarters. Nonassociated gas fields do not have an associated oil column, and therefore, can be accessed without producing oil. The Karan field is being developed to meet the Kingdom's increasing demand for sales gas, industrial feedstock, water desalination and electric power generation. The field was discovered by Saudi Aramco in 2006 when the Karan-6 well drilled into deeper formations, finding gas in the Khuff carbonate reservoirs laid down from 200 to 299 million years ago in the Permian and Triassic periods. The Karan field is designed to produce 1.8 billion scfd of raw dry gas.