International Staffing / Manpower Supply

Specialisation Areas

In recruitment of the scale that we operate, specialization is the key to efficiency. And considering the diversity of categories and segments we cater to, it is only natural that we develop a bank of specialists. We identify and place some of the most cutting edge people across industries, across disciplines, across countries and continents. Sometimes it so happens that when these proven professionals retire, we hire them back to head a relevant division utilizing their experience and expertise to hire more like them. This translates as an unmatched strength when hiring in specialized verticals, especially for high-end positions. There is another advantage to this arrangement. When interacting with group managers of this caliber, both our clients and candidates develop a closer bond based on shared understanding of a particular industry. This, in turn, leads of better client relations and higher quality recruitment.

Trade Test

Trade tests are conducted for all technical personnel such as technicians, electricians, welders, plumbers and mechanics. We have short-listed institutes equipped with the finest workshop facilities for these trade tests. Heavy-duty operators are tested on project sites. Trade tests are also conducted for Civil / Mechanical / Marine Engineers. Trade test for carpenters are conducted at The Government Carpentry School and workshops attached to major engineering corporations.

Medical Test

All short-listed candidates have to compulsorily undergo a thorough medical. No chances are taken and the physical suitability is never compromised. We engage in the services of the G.C.C. panel Doctors to determine appropriate physical health of every candidate. Further down the process, we seek endorsement from the Government authorities ensuring you of healthy employees.

Consultants & Experts

We have a panel of specialists drawn from all spheres of technical, industrial activity. This panel scans every candidate, it ensure you get the right employee. This panel helps us reach an unbiased and highly professional decision in the evaluation and finally the selection of each individual. The process is strictly implied upon all candidates, resulting in refined employees for your business needs.

Avenues For Attracting Manpower